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Robin Lewis

  • Recognised by M.I.T. Technology Review in its inaugural "Top Innovators Under-35" Japan awards

  • Co-founder of mymizu - an initiative to reduce consumption of single-use plastics, and is also Co-founder of Social Innovation Japan - a platform for social good focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Has worked with social enterprises, NGOs and inter-governmental organisations (including consultant roles at the World Bank and UNDP), and has managed humanitarian operations in countries such as Haiti, Nepal, Vanuatu and Mozambique

  • Took on a sponsored expedition to walk 600+kms along Japan’s coastline and document the changing landscapes since the 2011 Fukushima nuclear crisis (‘Explore Tohoku’ project)

  • Featured by global media including CNN, Vogue and the Guardian

  • Serves as an advisor to several purpose-driven organisations led by young innovators across sectors. 

  • Is a Board Member of Shibuya QWS, Board Member of Youth4Nature and a TED x Speaker

Co-Founder of mymizu, Co-Founder, Social Innovation Japan

  • LinkedIn

United Kingdom

Talks about Sustainability, Business Development, Innovation, Trends in Europe and Japan

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