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Taisuke Alex Odajima

  • CEO of EDGEof INNOVATION, helping foreign startups enter Japanese market, supporting large companies in the topic of open innovation. 

  • Board member of La French Tech Tokyo, Japan Representative of German Entrepreneurship, Head of Japan office of nfinite, Operation Manger of Endeavor Japan

  • As a business incubation expert, he has engaged in the creation of numerous start-ups and business divisions of large companies. Through his company EDGEof INNOVATION, he is actively working on building bridges between Japanese and other countries' innovation ecosystems. Currently working with embassies and other government entities of over 20 countries to support various government initiatives on innovation. Providing mentorship for many global startup programs such as Canadian Technology Accelerator or German Startup Accelerator to help foreign startups to enter the Japanese market. As a selecting committee member of the Japanese Ministry of Economy (METI) ‘s J-Startup program or startup strategy advisor of the Shibuya city, Alex is also involved in many innovation initiatives of the Japanese government


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Talks about Startups, Innovation, Trends in Europe, Community Building, Startup Ecosystem, Business Development, Government Initiatives 

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