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Tove Kinooka

  • Sustainability integration consultant, working with organisations to co-create positive social & environmental change through organizational culture transformation and development of sustainability leadership capacity

  • Co-founded consultancy Global Perspectives Japan in 2015, where she is Co-Director

  • Executive Committee Member & Responsible Business taskforce lead at The British Chamber of Commerce in Japan, co-creating strategy and ensuring that the Chamber delivers great value to members

  • Certified in Business Sustainability Management (Cambridge University Institute of Sustainability Leadership) and Organizational Change Consulting (Ashridge-HULT Business School)

  • Promotes sustainability thinking and practices through speaking engagements, seminars - recent engagements include panel discussions at the SK Icheon Forum in Seoul, and the UNGA 2022 Science summit

Executive Committee Member & Responsible Business taskforce lead at BCCJ, Director & Co-founder at Global Perspectives Japan

  • LinkedIn

United Kingdom

Talks about Sustainability, Innovation, Trends in the UK/Europe and Japan, Business Development, Sustainability Mindset, Organizational Culture Change, Organizational Development, Sustainability Leadership

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