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Building the Foundation of Innovation




  • Innovation strategy and vision

  • Networking opportunities in global startup ecosystems

  • Visual content of resources and tech to share with startups

  • Visual content to communicate innovation vision

  • Ongoing projects to identify success factors & obstacles

  • Company innovation readiness

  • Your company’s most urgent challenges

  • Company resources for collaboration

  • Lectures and workshops to train employees with the innovation mindset

  • Global case studies of successful open innovation projects

We help our clients innovate by building an innovation foundation and strategies.

Check out what we can offer your company.

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  • 〒105-6415, 15F Toranomon Hills Business Tower, 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo

  • Technopark D4 Pk., 6039 Root, Luzern, Switzerland

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