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Become Our Partner

Are you searching for opportunities to drive open innovation and co-create across borders? We are your gateway to the Japanese Market 🇯🇵

We invite forward-thinking companies to join us as partners and embark on a transformative journey of growth and international collaboration.

Who We're Seeking: If you are a European:

  • Consulting firm,

  • Group of free consultants,

  • Organization that does venture building on a global scale,

With clients who aim to have an open innovation approach with overseas companies, we want to connect with you!

Together, we can fast-track your clients' ventures and make a lasting impact.

Trusted Corporation’s resources for our partners to leverage:

  • Trusted’s unrivaled network and innovation ecosystem in Japan;

  • Trusted's unique network of government relations in Japan;

  • Research on more than 100 open innovation best practices from around the world;

  • Research on the latest global cutting-edge open innovation methodologies;

  • Insights on hot startups in Japan;

  • Information on the latest business trends in Japan;

  • Sustainability and regulatory Know – How: navigate the latest JP and EU regulations related to sustainability;

  • Information on Japanese subsidies applicable to European companies (and vice-versa).

Empower Your Clients’ Open Collaboration in Japan: By harnessing the strength of our resources, you can expedite your clients' business growth on a global scale. Our collaborative approach ensures tailored solutions that align with your clients' needs and aspirations.

Join Us!

We operate on the principles of open collaboration, customizing our approach to match our partners' unique requirements.

Together, we can bridge the gap between Europe and Japan and Accelerate Innovation.

Contact us at


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