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Catalyzing Innovation: Join Forces with Japanese Deep-Tech Startups

Trusted Corporation's CEO, Fariza Abidova, recently participated as one of the judges - with Mr. Taka Murakami, in an event, organized by for Startups, Inc., which showcased the innovative potential of Japanese deep-tech startups.

During the event, four remarkable startups from the Kansai area presented their groundbreaking solutions. These startups are at the forefront of pioneering technologies that have the power to revolutionize various industries.

From cutting-edge advancements in mobility to groundbreaking gene editing technologies that hold promise for rare diseases and even cancer, these startups are driving the future of healthcare. Additionally, they are actively developing technologies to address the challenges faced by our aging society, such as Alzheimer's and depression, while also working on solutions for alternative proteins that have the potential to transform agriculture and reduce CO2 emissions.

One notable aspect of the Japanese startup ecosystem is the maturity and concreteness of the technologies and business models developed by these startups. Many of them have acquired licenses for their technologies from top-tier Japanese universities, showcasing their dedication to excellence and rigorous research.

We ha

ve observed that Japanese startup founders bring a unique advantage to the table. With their experience working for large companies, typically in their 30s or 40s, they possess valuable insights and well-developed business acumen.

This wealth of experience translates into highly practical and market-ready solutions. The synergy between these startups and companies seeking B2B solutions is particularly remarkable. The startups' innovative ideas can complement and enhance the existing operations of these companies, resulting in mutually beneficial collaborations.

However, one common challenge faced by these startups is the immense effort required to create new markets, influence regulations, and establish robust supply chains, all while focusing on developing their startups. It is evident that they would greatly benefit from strong global partners who share their vision and are eager to collaborate. These partnerships can provide invaluable support in terms of knowledge sharing, successful processes, access to test fields, and most importantly, open-minded and flexible clients.

Global enterprises in industries such as pharmaceuticals, insurance, and energy have tremendous potential to leverage the Japanese startup ecosystem.

If your company falls under these industries and is interested in exploring collaborations with innovative Japanese startups, we warmly invite you to reach out to us. Together, we can accelerate the implementation of these groundbreaking technologies and solutions, making a significant impact on society.


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