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CEO's Visit to Hokkaido: Discovering Japan's Hidden Startup Gems

Last week, Trusted's CEO visited Hokkaido, where she had the opportunity to review the business plans of student entrepreneurs actively working towards solving sustainability challenges, more specifically in the farming industry. The visit was a great way to discover many intriguing startups emerging from Japan.

For instance, one noteworthy bioengineering solution involved a device that utilizes bacteria to capture microplastics from sewage before they reach rivers and oceans.

Another impressive initiative focused on developing carbon capture and efficient carbon separation equipment for agricultural machinery, along with animal feed mixed with seaweed to reduce animal burp and decrease CO2 emissions from farm animals.

The region of Japan has witnessed the emergence of numerous exciting startups with excellent technologies and solutions. However, it is challenging to find information about them online, as they have limited promotion, particularly in English. The best way to discover these hidden gems is by physically visiting local clusters and relying on word-of-mouth recommendations from the community. At Trusted Corporation, we specialize in connecting these innovative startups with global enterprises, facilitating successful collaborations. We provide comprehensive support at every step of the project, actively participating in meetings and ensuring effective cross-cultural communication. During the visit, our CEO also had the opportunity to explore a cutting-edge Wagyu farm that operates on 100% renewable energy, making it carbon neutral. The farm utilizes wearable devices developed by a Japanese startup called Farm Note to monitor the health and well-being of the animals. The farm emits no unpleasant odors and instead exudes a pleasant yogurt-like scent, thanks to the feed enriched with beneficial bacteria.

Japanese technology and innovation across all industries consistently demonstrate exceptional quality, meticulous attention to detail, and remarkable efficiency. To truly appreciate these advancements, we encourage you to experience them firsthand, as words alone cannot capture their essence.

✉️ Contact us if you are interested in exploring innovation with Japan. We would be delighted to organize visits and arrange meetings with entrepreneurs and innovators.


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