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Improving entrepreneurship in Japan event with Mitsubishi Estate, Kobe University, Keio University

Actively contributing in increasing more #entrepreneurs in Japan, collaborating with Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. Kobe University Keio University.

You can read my speech summary (in Japanese) on Mitsubishi Estate’s website:

Till now, I have been sharing lessons learned from my experience starting my companies in Japan, like projects I worked on, things I tried that worked or failed, to give them clear idea of how #startup#founders run their companies and what they go through emotionally 😄

Also to give them hints of how they can design their #careers with more options.

From next year, we will involve students in real projects to experience the #startup business.

Planning big project with Fujita-sensei, prof of Economics at Keio University to involve 100 students from his class in Trusted Corporation’s real projects.

Excited about the impact of this project.

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