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Trusted, Mitsubishi Estate, Kobe University & Keio University improve entrepreneurship together

Actively contributing to increasing more #entrepreneurs in Japan, collaborating with Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. Kobe University Keio University.

You can read Trusted CEO Fariza's speech summary (in Japanese) on Mitsubishi Estate’s website:

Till now, Fariza have been sharing lessons learned from my experience starting my companies in Japan, like projects she worked on, things she tried that worked or failed, to give them clear idea of how #startup#founders run their companies and what they go through emotionally 😄

Also, to give them hints of how they can design their #careers with more options.

From next year, we will involve students in real projects to experience the #startup business.

Planning big projects with Fujita-sensei, prof of Economics at Keio University to involve 100 students from his class in Trusted Corporation’s real projects.

Excited about the impact of this project.


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