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We execute our clients' innovation projects in Europe and Japan with our team on the ground

Munich, November 10th, 2022We started offering our Virtual Innovation Team service to help our clients execute their innovation projects and make their plans come to life.

At Trusted Corporation, we have been supporting our clients with their innovation project design, building strategies, and identifying innovative technologies and startups for potential partnerships.

However, we noticed that although we could create a good plan, our clients were not able to execute the project due to a lack of Human Resources they could assign to the project.

In order to execute open innovation projects, usually it is necessary to work on these tasks simultaneously: Strategy building, project management, identification of necessary technologies, communication between the startups and business development team, market/ startup research and participating in exhibitions and events, and more.

However, many companies with small innovation teams, spending a lot of time on market research and reporting, don't have enough time to focus on core tasks, such as strategy building and communication with startups that have strong synergies.

Considering the situation, we decided to help our clients, execute the projects we designed together, with our new service: Virtual Innovation Team, becoming an active part of their teams and also involving our partners in the project.

The high-skilled Trusted team, with an international mindset, and deep understanding of open innovation processes, will participate in clients' projects as part of their team members, and handle tasks, such as market and startup research, attending at exhibitions and events.

By supporting our clients to focus their valuable resources on high-priority tasks, they can dramatically improve the speed and efficiency of the project execution.

The client's research activities in Europe, will be handled by Valeria Morone, our head of business development and on-site researcher, recently relocated from Italy to Germany, Munich, in order to access the most prominent industry and startup events throughout all of Europe.

She will join the events our clients in Japan are interested in, will gather relevant information, and network for potential partnerships.

At the same time, Valeria will share the newest sustainability trends, European people’s mindset, lifestyle changes, and business culture through monthly meetings with our clients in Japan.

This is just one example of how we are supporting our clients, for the details of our services please check here.

Europe represents a stable and appealing market for business activities, with sustainable long-term opportunities, a central geographical location, a competitive revenue system, support from the Union and governments, along with a highly skilled workforce and international mindset.

These factors, among others, lead companies from overseas to look to Europe and tap into the opportunities it offers.

The European startup scene is currently experiencing a booming phase, thanks to a growing VC network and strong investments in VC funds, incubators and accelerators. Because Europe is not a single market, although it might seem so due to the common Euro currency, it is rather fragmented, with every country having its own culture and language.

Although this can be seen as a challenge, it also means that major cities in almost every European country have a thriving tech scene. Tackling this requires tremendous resources, especially the right network and understanding of the ecosystem.

Having our team directly on-site will be a great advantage for our clients in Japan, who, through us, will be able to access the European startup ecosystem and tap into all the opportunities and initiatives as fast as possible and effectively, without having to face the burden of organizing business trips, visas, time-zones, and dealing with language and cultural barriers.

Briefly about Valeria

Originally from Italy, she graduated with a Master's in International Management from Nova School of Business and Economics in Portugal and she has lived in several countries, including Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, the United States, and Japan, where she supported Trusted´s operations on-site.

Our international team is a great asset to tackle cross-cultural communication. Moreover, the internal point of view of our representatives from Europe is enabling greater insights into the newest innovation and technology trends.

Europe and Japan differ in many cultural and business characteristics, and at Trusted, we are able to find the right link to enable effective collaboration between them.

At Trusted Corporation, we are on a mission to Accelerate Innovation and create solutions to achieve the best, technologically advanced society possible.

If you are interested in our solutions and activities please contact us:

15F Toranomon Hills Business Tower, 1–17–1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105–6415, Japan

Technopark D4 Pk., 6039 Root, Luzern, Switzerland


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