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5 Reasons Why Big Companies Struggle To Find Your Startup

With innovative technologies and startups starting to show up more and more, why is it so difficult for large companies to find startups that fit their needs?

At Trusted Corporation, our research team sifts daily through hundreds of Japanese and European startups, finding vital information to ensure easy access to information to provide to clients. We carefully assess which companies are a good fit for each of our clients. In the majority of situations, innovative startup companies fit the exact criteria that large corporations are searching for. But with hundreds of millions of new startups being birthed every year, it is hard to stand out and catch the eye of large corporations. So what causes certain companies to stand out? What methods and information allow your startup to catch the eye of large corporations? What seems to be a difficult goal can be achieved quite easily by following these steps.

1. Having a website that is not only easy to navigate through but is also visually appealing.

Visually appealing websites not only make the information searching experience enjoyable but also help add credibility to a company. A well-created website with intriguing gadgets and tools makes a lasting impact and overall makes us want to learn more about the company. This is a sign that the company is conscious of how they present themselves, and thus allows to trust them. Think of it as wearing a suit to a business meeting, rather than basketball shorts and a t-shirt. Visually appealing websites tend to have vital information easily accessible. Easily navigable websites also make the information-seeking process so much more pleasing. So what information should be easy to find?

2. Company mission, company history, board member’s contact information, and partners.

These are some necessary information for a large company to fully understand who you are, and what you are trying to achieve. They also help them figure out if the company is the correct fit for what they are searching for. Usually, in our fast-paced environment, whenever this information is hard to find on company websites, the tendency is to move on to the next. This is because the amount of time spent on this one company can be spent on finding 2–3 other companies that provide this information upfront. By not making this information easily accessible, your company may be missing out on more opportunities than you realize.

3. Case studies

are also very helpful in presenting the credibility of a startup. This is of course extra credit that can only be done by established startups. But if your company has had a positive experience with a client, creating a case study and promoting it is a must. It clears up most if not all questions corporations may have regarding your product and how it works. It appeals to the efficiency of a company’s operations. You also build credibility once again, as you are proving to the readers that your company is and has proven to be capable of a high level of production or service.

4. Company videos

Whether it is an introductory video or a product presentation video, they are a great way to summarize what your company does. It negates the need for large companies to dig through tons of unnecessary information in order to find the important bits. Similar to case studies, many questions can be answered in a short 5 to 10-minute video. It also shows the culture you have at your company. If your workspace is lighthearted and positive, it can be expressed with a fun or even comedic video. You can go with the approach with a sophisticated and more serious tone in your video as well, which gives a “let’s get to work” message. Whatever your company’s working culture is, it can be expressed in this video.

5. By inputting a startup company’s information into a database,

and inserting key terms that best describe the company, there is a much higher chance that a large company finds the startup. Databases, in this context, are the main source of startups. Not many other sources can provide thousands of company information on the spot. Being on the side of the researcher, databases are extremely helpful in finding startups that fit the criteria needed. During a broad search, we are able to see a handful of varying results. When the criteria are more narrow, we can find exactly what we are looking for. Databases are the super-tool of researchers that is used amply. The more databases you insert your company into, and the more detailed you make your description, the higher the chances are of your startup catching the eye of large corporations and thus the opportunity for collaboration.

To put it straight, going to seek startup-corporation relationships on your own is a time (and resources) consuming procedure. At Trusted Corporation, we directly work with large corporations that search for innovative startups that fit their needs. With countless meetings, we are able to understand exactly what the companies are searching for. This makes a perfect match probable; as the middleman of the startup-corporation relationship, we have the knowledge of what both sides are looking for. Put your startup on the map, by simply inputting your company’s basic information on Trusted’s form. We will notify you immediately when we find a match for your startup.

Contact us now for a free consultation at or learn more about our philosophy.


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