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Trusted Corporation Amplifies Their Startup Matching Service with 6 Northern European Countries

Original (Japanese):

Announcing New Partnership with Innovation Lab Asia

Trusted Corporation (Headquarters: Tokyo) entered into a partnership with Danish NPO Innovation Lab Asia (ILA) on November 19, 2020.

Through close collaboration between ILA and Trusted’s existing “STARTUP FINDER” services, Trusted will support business alliances between Japanese corporations and Nordic startups, strengthening open innovation efforts in Japan.

Trusted serves as a bridge between Nordic startups, including Iceland and Estonia — Europe’s best kept secret in terms of cutting edge tech– and Japanese companies. The service includes providing the most current information on new tech and innovations from these startup hubs, as well as the direct introductions to potential partners.

This effort lets Japanese companies seamlessly explore potential business opportunities with Europe.

Northern Europe as a startup hub

・ The region has produced 25 unicorn startups, including Skype, Spotify, and Supercell.

・ Investment from Japan has been steadily growing since 2013, and more than 80% of efforts focused on projects within the past four years, suggesting a boost in focus

・ The Nordic startup ecosystem excels in highly competitive technology fields, including FinTech, Health Tech, Urban Tech, Ed Tech, Sustainability, and Renewable Energy.

Outline of ILA Partnership ✖ STARTUP FINDER Services

ILA Partnership

Promote business alliances between large/medium-sized Japanese companies and Nordic startups

Matching service between companies in both regions, events, disseminating information, and business reports.

From our database, we select startups that match the exact objectives and needs of clients, creating their very own startup information pool with potential partners

Through tailored consulting, we guide clients through the open innovation processes, from goal setting and proof-of-concept development to negotiations

Target countries

All six Nordic countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Estonia

* STARTUP FINDER also provides startup information for other European countries


The collaboration will be effective from December 2020

Startup profile from 6 Nordic countries will be included in the STARTUP FINDER database and introduced it to users

A summary & analysis report on the new startups will be distributed to users

Trusted Team

Intro to Trusted

Trusted Corporation was founded in Tokyo in 2016 by Fariza Abidova and Michele De Luca with the goal of connecting businesses around the world to accelerate open innovation, which ultimately improves society and people’s lives.

Since its foundation, Trusted Corporation has connected with the founders and CEOs of more than 5,000 Tech Startups in Japan and overseas, establishing an interconnected network of major and medium-sized corporations, SMEs, and startups in Japan and Europe (especially Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Austria). We provide online/offline total solutions to support business alliances.

Intro to Innovation Lab Asia

Innovation Lab Asia was founded in 2018 as a non-profit project jointly run by Asia House (an NGO that promotes the building of relationships between the public and private sectors, industry, academia, and individuals in Denmark and Asia) and TechBBQ (startup events representing Northern Europe) and is supported by the Danish Industrial Foundation.

ILA works closely with partners such as Copenhagen Capacity, a public investment promotion agency in Denmark, to provide information, promote, and hold events on the startup ecosystem of the six Nordic countries and Japan, providing mutual support for both startups and investors. ILA further provides local support and networking activities in Japanese.

Asia House

Project Manager

TechBBQ, Ecosystem consultant for Japan

Copenhagen Capacity

FinTech/AI Business Investment Manager

Copenhagen Capacity

AI Business Investment Manager


If you are a Japanese company interested in collaborating with European startups, especially focusing on the Nordic tech hub, please contact us directly:

Trusted Corporation

Toranomon Hills Business Tower 15th floor, 1–17–1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105–6415


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