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With our strong network in the European and Japanese innovation ecosystems,  we connect our clients with ecosystem’s key members to create exciting collaboration opportunities.


We arrange speaking opportunities at large startup events to raise project awareness of our clients. We approach each companies and ecosystems members to set up meetings with concrete agendas to create meaningful long lasting business relationship.

By doing this, our clients can focus on high priority tasks:

  • Setting goals and building strategies

  • Selecting companies with great synergies 

  • Creating project documents and finish with the paperwork before the visit 

  • Involving and aligning other department in the project

Trusted Innovation Tour

This business tour is more than just a visit in each countries.

Trusted's innovation tour includes three actions: Learn, Connect and Share.

Trusted team is committed to bridge the ecosystems between Japan and Europe, utilizing our vast network and cross-cultural communication expertise to create long lasting business relationships.

How to get started?

  1. Contact us to discuss the tour and events objectives, companies, ecosystems, and startups that you would like to approach

  2. We offer you the best plan and provide you with an estimation

  3. Apply and sign contract

  4. Confirm schedule and meetings we set (1 month before the tour)

  5. Departure



  • Organize tours to learn about European/Japanese manufacturing's approach to carbon neutrality.

  • Organize event tours to learn about the latest information on EVs and next-generation mobility services.

  • Support how to get full benefits from business event or how to connect with the event participant to create meaningful business relationships

  • Connect clients with key people in the specific ecosystem

Invite targeted startups and ecosystem members to the events, where our client can share their innovation vision and activities


How can we help you?

We'll be in touch!

  • 〒105-6415, 15F Toranomon Hills Business Tower, 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo

  • Technopark D4 Pk., 6039 Root, Luzern, Switzerland

Contact us


How can we support our clients :

  • Arrange tours around key European business events

  • Make appointments with decision makers of companies, ecosystems, startups, government institutions that our clients would like to visit

  • Book speaking opportunities for our client to pitch at the selected event

  • Follow up with the companies/people contacted or visited during the tour

  • Provide a report after the tour (Optional) - Tour highlights, list of companies our clients met, contents of the meeting, points discussed, next actions

Basic Information :

  • Duration of visit: 7-10 days (can be adjusted according to our clients needs)

  • Minimum number of participants: 3 persons per company

  • Tour guide: 1 Trusted coordinator per company

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