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Case Study: ADR “Runway to the Future” Acceleration Program and the Successful Collaboration with Ottonomy

About ADR

Aeroporti di Roma (ADR), the operator of Fiumicino and Ciampino airports, stands as a beacon of innovation in the aviation industry. With Fiumicino being a Skytrax 5-star airport, ADR has consistently pushed the boundaries of quality and customer experience. This commitment led to the establishment of the Acceleration Program, a pivotal initiative in ADR's Innovation Path.This program aims to redefine aviation standards by collaborating with startups to shape the airport of the future.

In this article, we explore ADR's collaborative efforts with startups and the transformative outcomes achieved.

ADR's Innovative Program and Global Partnerships

ADR's commitment to fostering innovation extends to the “Runway to the Future” Acceleration Program, where the goal is to set future standards in the aviation ecosystem, contributing to the design of the airport of the future in which with international startups are invited to contribute to the creation of a digital, reliable, data-driven, and sustainable airport. The focus is not so much on developing a Proof of Concept (PoC) but on integrating the startup into an internal ADR process.

On January the 23rd ADR launched its 3rd Global Call4Startups on the following Challenges:

・ Smart Operations & Processes;

・ Infrastructure Management & Development;

・ Passenger Experience;

・ NetZero Target & Sustainability;

・ Commercial Opportunities;

・ Disruptive Solutions.

The selected startups will benefit from:

✓ up to €80k for each Startup

✓ senior Business Mentorship of ADR’s Innovation Cabin Crew

✓  up to €2Mln contract, after testing, for a full commercial roll-out

✓  potential investment by our CVC Fund ADR Ventures

✓  support from the “Airports for Innovation” network that manages over 700Mln     passengers

✓  exclusive access to our Innovation Hub, inside FCO Terminal 1

The expiration date is set for March the 22nd, don’t miss the opportunity and click here to discover how to apply.

Case Study: Collaboration with Ottonomy

What is Ottonomy?

One standout success from the “Runway to the Future” Acceleration Program is the collaboration with Ottonomy, a US startup specializing in deliveries of food and retail products through autonomous robots.

Customers can make purchases through an online shop or in-store, and the products are delivered directly to the specified location, including delivery to the gate. In addition to its delivery services, Ottonomy's robots are versatile and can serve as marketing and advertising tools.

What challenges were addressed?

Ottonomy answered to the "Omichannel Commerce" Challenge of the 1st edition of Runway to the Future acceleration Program. The Challenge aimed to untie the retail perimeter from the physical location only, extending and improving the opportunities for recruitment before entering the airport.

What solution Ottonomy has provided?

The solutions sought by ADR address critical challenges in both passenger experience and commercial opportunities.

The goal was to provide a unique experience around each passenger with hyper-personalized services and look for new and innovative commercial solutions with the aim of generating additional revenue streams.


What resulted from the collaboration?


Ottonomy successfully completed its Proof of Concept during the summer of 2022. The results were impressive, demonstrating increased commercial engagement, a new advertising asset, improved customer experience, and impeccable technical-operational reliability with over 450 hours of operativity and 400 km traveled without a single accident. The success of the collaboration prompted ADR to make its first investment through ADR Ventures, further solidifying Ottonomy as a strategic asset for the airport.

Starting in Summer 2022, the autonomous delivery service was launched for products purchased at the Aelia Duty Free shops.

If you are a Japanese startup that have solutions in Aviation, travel, AI, deep-tech, IoT, biometrics and security, food waste management, new energy, mobility, smart cities, robotics, sensors, health-tech, space tech, sustainability, tech operations, diversity and inclusivity tech don’t hesitate to join Runway to the future Acceleration program, Call4Startups 3rd edition.

You can find out more about collaboration opportunities with ADR in this article.


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