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Connecting Swiss and Japanese Innovation Ecosystems for Sustainable Solutions

Today, Trusted Corporation had the honor of hosting a delegation from Switzerland in our office. We were joined by the Heads of Innovation Parks and the Swiss Embassy to engage in fruitful discussions regarding the integration of Japan's innovation ecosystem with Switzerland. We aim to collaborate and co-create sustainable solutions in energy, healthcare, and sustainability.

During the meeting, we explored the potential establishment of an ecosystem and testing facility dedicated to carbon utilization and hydrogen energy. We discussed how we can foster innovation in these areas by leveraging the existing resources and platforms at Swiss Innovation Parks.

Thank you to Antoine Jourdan, Dominic Gorecky, Giovanni Porcellana, Amir Eldad, Fabian Stiefvater, Toshi Matsuda, and Tomoharu Hayama for visiting us and contributing to these insightful discussions.

Get in touch with us if you are interested in engaging in open innovation with Switzerland and Japan's innovation ecosystems, particularly in the pursuit of carbon neutrality and clean energy. We welcome the opportunity to exchange ideas and collaborate.


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