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Exploring Collaborative Opportunities: Trusted Corporation at the GRIC Startup Event

[23-11-16] Trusted Corporation team took part in the GRIC startup event, organized by for Startups, Inc.

The event, which attracted thousands of members from the Japanese startup ecosystem, proved to be a success, fostering meaningful connections and discussions within the industry.

Trusted proudly shared a booth with the BMW Startup Garage team and together hosted a fireside chat panel discussion, delving into crucial aspects of the startup landscape and the potential for collaboration between Japanese startups and global enterprises.

During the panel discussion, Trusted CEO’s Fariza Abidova offered valuable insights into recent startup trends. The focus extended to exploring opportunities for Japanese startups to collaborate with prominent global entities, such as BMW and Bosch. The discussion addressed key aspects, including the types of opportunities global companies are offering to startups, ways to get involved, and how startups can benefit from participating in such programs.

The panelists also discussed the avenues through which startups can tap into the resources and expertise offered by companies like BMW and Bosch. The discourse covered the various programs available, providing a roadmap for startups eager to engage with established players in the industry.

Trusted extend its gratitude to the panelists, Bernhard Schambeck (BMW) and Chiaki Suzuki (Bosch), and the event producer Ryuta Majima (for Startups, Inc.), who played a pivotal role in curating and presenting the insightful discussions. Their expertise and contributions brought immense value, providing attendees with valuable perspectives on the ever-changing landscape of startup collaboration.


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