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From Hardware to Platform: Successful Digital Transformations in the Manufacturing Industry

Trusted Corporation's CEO column in Nikkei Business Daily, this month, discussed the current trends and challenges faced by hardware manufacturing companies. These companies are striving to transform their business models into platformers or digital solution providers in order to meet the complex market demands and diverse needs of users.

Numerous companies are exploring various approaches to bring about this significant change in their business models. Among them, some have found success through a series of trial and error, and we can learn from their experiences.

In this article, Fariza Abidova shed light on the successful transformation process of Honeywell. They successfully transitioned from a hardware-focused business to becoming a provider of both hardware and digital solutions in fields such as aerospace, building management, energy, healthcare, and more.

If your company operates in the hardware manufacturing industry and is contemplating a shift towards offering digital and sustainable solutions, please reach out to us for assistance or to access case studies.


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