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Practical Innovation: Reaching Concrete Results With Start-Ups

In this month's column on Nikkei Business Daily, Trusted CEO Fariza Abidova wrote about a practical methodology that large companies can use in order to collaborate with start ups effectively to create new businesses or solutions.

In the last few years, more Japanese companies are becoming open to innovate involving third parties, but struggle to achieve concrete results.

Many are investing in startups through their CVC or VC as LP investors, but there are only a few projects where they actually create a synergy partnership with their portfolio startups. Many projects with startups stop after a small POC due to large organizations' complex processes, e.g decision making, involving the right stakeholders, budgeting etc.

In the article, Fariza shares solutions from experiences working with many large companies in Europe and Japan, who are trying different methodologies and creating successful processes. The full column can be accessed here

If your company is facing similar challenges or interested in innovation methods to co-create solutions, get in touch at:

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