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Insights from Innovation Leaders on Building Sustainable Business Models

We recently had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Ricky Togashi, CTO Office Program Director, and Mr. Jun Matsumoto, Project Manager of Komatsu, at our office. They shared valuable insights about the successful innovation processes implemented by their team.

We gained valuable insights into how they structured their organization, visualized their innovation vision, and built highly effective teams. Despite being a large company with 60,000 employees, they were able to create new businesses and sustainable solutions by collaborating with startups and other players in the innovation ecosystem.

Many companies are currently working towards transforming their existing business models and developing digital and sustainable solutions to meet the demands of the complex market. The involvement of third parties, such as startups, in this transition is a relatively new innovation methodology, and there is no complete successful case study available yet.

However, there are numerous successful processes emerging from trial and error that we can learn from across different industries.

At Trusted Corporation, we prioritize learning from those who are actively engaged in these processes. We conduct face-to-face interviews, visit their offices and innovation centers to understand the project backgrounds and key factors that contributed to the success of their methodologies. This allows us to analyze how we can implement these approaches in various industries.

If you are interested in exploring case studies of successful innovation processes, sustainable business models, and incorporating startups into your open innovation initiatives, contact us for a free consultation.


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