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[Japan] Exploring Innovation and Collaboration: Highlights from the Hokkaido Agri & Food

On October 12th Trusted’s CEO Fariza Abidova attended the Agri & Food Summit hosted by LAND-Tokachi Hokkaido in conjunction with the Hokkaido Space Summit.

Hokkaido Space summit and Tokachi Agri & Food summit location
Hokkaido Space summit and Tokachi agri&food summit

The event brought together a wide range of people and organizations passionate about agriculture, food, farming, and space industries.

In addition, it provided a unique opportunity for networking and exchanging ideas among people actively involved in the agro-business, ranging from academics to industry, government, ecosystem builders, and startup founders.

A distinctive aspect of the event was the presence of numerous innovative startups, many of which were founded by student entrepreneurs.

These startups not only created revolutionary approaches, but they also demonstrated the values of the innovation community—embracing inclusivity, encouraging hospitality, and demonstrating unwavering dedication to bringing about tangible, real-world solutions.

Trusted's CEO Fariza Abidova at Hokkaido Agri&Food
Trusted's CEO Fariza Abidova at Hokkaido Agri&Food summit

Trusted Corporation will soon collaborate with Tokachi and Hokkaido's innovation ecosystem on carbon neutrality and biomass energy.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in getting in touch with them!

You can view the recorded event by following this link:



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