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Fariza moderated an event "Women to Inspire a Sustainable Japan" with other women decision-makers

Trusted CEO Fariza moderated (1 of the sessions) the "Women to Inspire a Sustainable Japan" event on Saturday, 14th May (9am-5pm JST), organized by Global Perspectives K.K. and Walsh JJ of Inbound Ambassador.

The event highlights some incredible Japan-based #womenchangemakers working in #sustainability, hands-on #workshops on how to integrate sustainability thinking and practices into your work and personal life, as well as top-notch #networking.

This event is beneficial for people who are interested in knowing the latest #trends in #sustainability, learning from real-life projects, as well as network with like-minded people and #experts in the field.

Thank you for inviting and making this event happen Tove Kinooka!

The event is mainly in English and partially in Japanese.

You can choose between two in-person venues - #Tokyo (hosted by LVMH and #Hiroshima (hosted byみたらいベース Mitarai Base) - or online attendance.

Ticket sales:

- Tokyo / online tickets:

- Hiroshima / online tickets:

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