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Moderator at "Women to Inspire a Sustainable Japan" event

Dear friends,

I am super excited to announce that I will be moderating (1 of the sessions) at the "Women to Inspire a Sustainable Japan" event on Saturday 14th May (9am-5pm JST), organized by Global Perspectives K.K. and Walsh JJ of Inbound Ambassador.

The event highlights some incredible Japan-based #womenchangemakers working in #sustainability, hands-on #workshops on how to integrate sustainability thinking and practices into your work and personal life, as well as top-notch #networking.

This event is beneficial for people who are interested in knowing the latest #trends in the #sustainability, learn from real-life project, as well as network with like minded people and #experts in the field.

The event will be mainly in English and partially in Japanese language.

You can choose between two in-person venues - #Tokyo (hosted by LVMH and #Hiroshima (hosted byみたらいベース Mitarai Base) - or online attendance.

Ticket sales:

- Tokyo / online tickets:

- Hiroshima / online tickets:

Looking forward to seeing you there!

#sustainabilityleadership #mindsetshift #sustainablebusiness #sustainablecommunities #sustainablelifestyle #responsiblebusiness #socialimpact #climateaction

Thank you for inviting and making this event happen Tove Kinooka!

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