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Trusted Partners with Bits & Pretzels to Foster International Innovation and Collaboration

[Tokyo, October 4th, 2023] - Trusted Corporation is glad to announce its strategic collaboration with Bits & Pretzels, one of Europe's most prominent gatherings of founders, investors, and industry leaders converging from FinTech, SaaS, E-mobility, Energy, IoT, and AI. This partnership aims to bridge the gap between the vibrant startup ecosystems of Japan and Munich (Germany) creating unique opportunities for Japanese enterprises to connect, share, and co-create.

From the left: Michele De Luca, CTO of Trusted Corporation; Fariza Abidova, CEO of Trusted Corporation, Karine Fouque International Partnership Manager of Bits & Pretzels

Bits & Pretzels Founder Festival is renowned for attracting influential speakers, including, leaders of industry giants like Airbnb, UiPath, NIO, Personio, and prominent figures such as Joe Kaeser and Oliver Kahn. With its unique blend of insightful presentations, networking opportunities, and even an Oktoberfest celebration on the third day of the conference, it promises an unforgettable experience for all attendees. This year, the 10th edition of Bits & Pretzels took place in Munich from September 24th to 26th, 2023, and it will be repeated between 29 September until 1 October 2024. as well, promising even more innovation and networking opportunities.

With a history of bringing together a limited number of 5,000 attendees annually since 2013, the event offers a perfect platform for fostering international connections and innovation in a fairly intimate community of founders and investors. The prestigious Bits & Pretzels stage consistently welcomes a lineup of globally acclaimed speakers, including eminent figures such as Barack Obama, Jessica Alba, and Richard Branson. Here, industry leaders converge to share insights and ignite the future, blending visionary ideas with bold and impactful actions.

Trusted Corporation and Bits & Pretzels have designed a framework that will provide Japanese enterprises with a range of opportunities:

Innovation Tours: We will organize tailored innovation tours for Japanese enterprises, allowing them to explore the startup landscape in Munich. These tours will provide firsthand insights into the operations, culture, and technologies of leading German startups. It will also include 1-on-1 Meetings and Office Visits. This direct engagement will enable Japanese companies to establish meaningful connections and gain valuable insights from startup founders.

Speaking Opportunities: Trusted Corporation’s clients will have the chance to share their expertise and insights with a wider audience at Bits & Pretzels events. This exposure will help them expand their networks and reach potential collaborators and clients.

Involvement in Projects: We will actively involve startup founders in Japanese companies’ projects when they are built or tested in Germany. This hands-on approach will facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration, leading to innovative solutions and strategies.

"Our commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship extends beyond borders, and we recognize the immense potential within the Japanese startup ecosystem. With our collaborations and partnerships with Trusted Corporation, we aim to not only showcase the remarkable innovation happening in Japan but also integrate it with our global community" Karine Fouque - International Partnership Manager of Bits & Pretzels

Trusted Corporation's collaboration with Bits & Pretzels underscores our commitment to nurturing global innovation collaboration and facilitating cross-border partnerships. We believe that by connecting the startup ecosystems of Japan and Munich, we can accelerate innovation, create valuable synergies, and empower Japanese enterprises to succeed in an ever-evolving business landscape.

As Bits & Pretzels 2023 has already happened this year, we encourage those interested to get in touch with us to secure a ticket for 2024 and learn more about how to be involved. If you are looking into exploring Trusted’s InnovationTours in Europe, contact us and get ready to explore Europe’s innovation ecosystem in a customized way just for you and your team.


About Trusted Corporation: Trusted Corporation is a global venture builder primarily focusing on creating solutions for carbon neutrality, aging society, and sustainable smart cities.

Trusted utilizes its vast network in Europe and Japan to involve governments, universities, startups, and enterprises in their projects to co-create solutions by sharing the necessary resources, expertise, technologies, and successful innovation methodologies.


Fariza Abidova, CEO of Trusted Corporation

About Bits & Pretzels Bits & Pretzels is an annual Founders Festival held in Munich, Germany, bringing together founders, investors, and industry leaders for three days of learning, networking, and business opportunities. With a rich history of influential speakers and a commitment to fostering entrepreneurship, Bits & Pretzels has established itself as a premier event in the European startup ecosystem.


Karine Fouque, International Partnership Manager of Bits & Pretzels


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