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Fashion has always been a reflection of what happens in society. Here is how clothes are becoming cyber.

With the advent of social media, the relationship between humans and the way we interact in general has gone through radical changes, and the Pandemic has been a real accelerating factor to this process: life has moved online. Essential for the relationship between the self and society, fashion, has clearly also been affected.

When the opportunities to express oneself through clothing fail in real life, what remains is to try to do it through virtual means. In this matter, would you ever spend real money for some looks to wear and share only in the digital dimension? What about buying a cyber version of garments and deciding later on whether to order the real and physical item or not? This is now already possible. After many years of textile waste, designers have been implementing recent pilot technologies in the most innovative ways, with a particular focus on sustainability.

XR Couture cyber-dressed streetwear influencer “@jordankrsme”.

SOURCE: Vogue Business

Among the businesses that are adding value to this industry is Tribute Brand, a Croatia-based digital fashion brand for contactless and cyber fashion. “We believe that digital clothing represents the future, and certainly isn’t only a trend”, “moreover, we provide our customers with the possibility to try on unlimited amounts of different looks while having a zero-waste impact on the environment as there is no manufacture”, said Founder Gala Marija Vrbanic. Exploiting all the possibilities created by technology is the only completely sustainable approach nowadays, in fashion as well as in any other industry.

Instagram @tributebrand

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Author: Valeria Morone Marketing & Communication


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