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New joint project between Mori Building and Trusted Corporation to kick-start a global startup ecosy

Original Press release in the Japanese language:

New joint project between Mori Building and Trusted Corporation to kick-start a global startup ecosystem in Tokyo

Focusing on the Toranomon/Akasaka/Roppongi areas in Minato ward — the business center of Tokyo.

Full support will be given to business collaborations between major Japanese companies & European startups.

On December 10, 2020, Trusted Corporation (Minato-ku, Tokyo) signed a business agreement with Mori Building Co., Ltd. on Joint Project for the Tokyo Innovation Ecosystem Formation Promotion Support Initiative for FY 2020 (hereinafter referred to as “joint project”) selected by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Through this joint project, we will provide business opportunities and a support network for open innovation projects between major Japanese corporations and European startups.

Outline of joint project:

In the Toranomon, Akasaka, and Roppongi areas of Minato-ku, we will build a startup ecosystem to comprehensively support and promote open innovation projects between overseas startups and major Japanese corporations.

In the medium to long term, the area will become a global center of international open innovation.

Through joint efforts between Mori Building and our service STARTUP FINDER, we will provide the following support services to major domestic companies:

・A comprehensive database tailored to each company’s goals that lists European startup information meeting their business needs

・ Development of an online application to support innovation activities

・ Hosting online/offline matching events with European startups

・ Consulting throughout each step of the open innovation process, from evaluation of readiness, identification of issues, to development of proof of concept and negotiations between partners

For this purpose, Trusted will move their office to CIC Tokyo, one of the largest startup clusters in Japan located in Toranomon Hills Business Tower. Starting in the beginning of 2021, they will collaborate with Mori Building, CIC, and ARCH to create a promising Japanese-European startup ecosystem.

In addition, Trusted plans to hold events in collaboration with Mori Building to introduce the European startup ecosystem and startups with promising technologies on a regular basis.

Message from Fariza Abidova, Co-founder &CEO of Trusted Corporation

“By participating in this joint project with Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Mori Building, I am honored to contribute to the economic and social advancement of Japan and Tokyo.

Our company was founded with the aim of accelerating cross-border, cross-industry innovation and, through the results, significantly improving the quality of life for society as a whole and each of us as individuals.

Through this project, we will actively promote cutting edge technologies and projects of startups ready for collaboration. We expect to attract both considerable attention from overseas, and excellent European entrepreneurs to Japan.

From a long-term perspective, we will promote business collaborations on a global scale, focusing on Japan, Europe, and Tokyo, which function as the major global hubs of startup ecosystems.”

Message from Shinji Takeda, Assistant Manager, Sales Promotion Department, Office Division, Mori Building Co., Ltd.

“This project was launched by Trusted and Mori Building to build a Japanese innovation ecosystem by combining the technology of overseas startups with the established structures of large Japanese corporations.

The challenges brought to us by covid-19 were ultimately a driving factor in wanting to accelerate opportunities for open innovation to create solutions for society’s challenges at a faster pace.

Trusted’s close connection to startup ecosystems in cities worldwide, with a focus on Europe, will be leveraged for accelerating innovation in Japan. By harnessing new technologies and services created globally and bringing them to Tokyo through collaboration with Japanese companies, our vision of a better urban life for Tokyo will be accelerated exponentially.

Through this project, we expect to continue attracting outstanding entrepreneurs from all over the world to Japan, amplified by the magnetic force of our unique city, Tokyo.”

Introduction of Trusted Corporation

Founded in Tokyo in 2016 by Fariza Abidova and Michele De Luca with the aim of connecting businesses around the world to accelerate innovation and improving society.

Since its foundation, Trusted has built a solid network with founders and CEOs of more than 5,000 tech startups in Japan and overseas, and major and small and medium-sized enterprises in Japan and Europe (focusing on Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Austria, and the six Nordic countries). Trusted provides total online/offline solutions to support business partnerships and open innovation between startups and large corporations.

Introduction of Mori Building Co., Ltd.

One of Japan’s most acclaimed developers who conducts urban redevelopment projects based in Minato-ku, the luxurious center of Tokyo. We aim to increase the magnetic force of the Japanese capital by creating and nurturing an interconnected city that integrates various urban life functions such as work, living, education, culture, and leisure.

Our idea of ​​urban development revolves around the concept of a “Vertical Garden City.” This creates open spaces by consolidating previously divided land plots and raising the height of buildings above ground, making room for urban green spaces and inviting places for people to interact with each other. In Japan, this vision has already come to life in numerous urban redevelopment projects by Mori, including Ark Hills (1986), Roppongi Hills (2003), Toranomon Hills Mori Tower (2014), and overseas, the Shanghai World Financial Center, China. In addition, Mori also provides real estate leasing, management, sales, and consulting services.


We invite Japanese companies interested in collaborating with European startups to contact us directly:

Trusted Corporation

Tokyo Office: 1–17–1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105–6415 Toranomon Hills Business Tower, 15th floor


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