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Panel Discussion: Innovating with International Startups in Japan

Trusted Corporation's CEO, Fariza Abidova participated in a panel discussion on February 17th, which was organized by Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Startup Ecosystem Consortium).

The panel included Yoshiro Tasaka, the Director of Global Strategy Division at Shibuya City Government, Mari Nishiyama, the Startup Partner Lead at Stripe Japan, and Ron Drabkin, the Sales Director at Miles Japan. The event was focused on exploring ways in which Japanese corporations can successfully innovate with international startups, with a particular emphasis on discussing real challenges and solutions from the perspectives of government, global startups, and solution providers.

During the discussion, Fariza shared various innovation methodologies that large companies are testing both in Japan and abroad, highlighting the pros and cons of each approach and offering short and long-term strategies that she recommends to Japanese corporations for innovating with startups on a global scale. She noted the positive momentum in the Japanese startup ecosystem, with the government working hard to create new policies and regulations to improve the environment for innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors. Additionally, solution providers like her company, Trusted Corporation, are testing new innovation methodologies to help corporations, startups, universities, research institutions, and governments come together and create value for the future.

We express our appreciation to the organizers for creating such opportunities for valuable discussion and exchange of ideas. The event details can be found at


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