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Construction Paving the Way for Japan’s Green Revolution

In a bold stride towards environmental sustainability, the Japanese government has set ambitious targets to achieve Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050, coupled with a significant reduction of 46% in CO2 emissions by 2030. To facilitate this, the creation of the Green Fund, a 2 trillion yen investment dedicated to R&D, marks a pivotal step in Japan's green transition.

The focal point of Japan's eco-friendly initiatives extends to the construction sector, where a concerted effort is underway to embrace energy-efficient technologies and promote sustainable energy generation. Advancements include the emergence of smart construction methodologies, super thin solar cells, and innovative alternatives to traditional cement.

This article will delve into the work of universities, large companies, start-ups, and European influence in Japan.


At the forefront of academic innovation, the University of Tokyo has unveiled ground-breaking solutions to address the challenges associated with conventional construction materials.

-          Concrete Alternative: One such breakthrough involves the development of concrete using a mix of sand, gravel, catalyst, and alcohol, resulting in lower CO2 emissions and enhanced durability.

-          100% Biodegradable Cement: The university has pioneered the creation of a 100% biodegradable cement derived from waste cabbage, banana peels, and coffee beans. Kota Machida has since patented this ultra-strong cement and created a company Fabula Inc.

Source: Fabula’s 100% Biodegradable Cement

Large Companies

Japanese corporations are also focusing their resources on a greener future:

-          Takayama Kasei: They are revolutionising sound insulation and vibration-damping materials by harnessing waste materials such as vinyl chloride and rubber.

-          Nippon Paint Holdings: They have introduced solar heat reflective paint for road surfaces, mitigating urban heat island effects and enhancing road longevity.

-          Komatsu: Their innovative AI-driven "Smart Construction" endeavours not only to boost productivity but also to address Japan's pressing labour shortage, with drones aiding in faster and more precise site surveying.

Source: Konmatsu’s ‘Smart Construction’


Start-ups are using green construction solutions to harness their growth:

-          Enecoat Technologies Co.,Ltd.: This start-up from Kyoto University is leading the development of perovskite solar cells, offering lightweight, flexible alternatives to traditional silicon cells.

-          Avinton: Their EDGE AI Camera system ensures real-time monitoring of construction sites, enhancing safety and efficiency.

-          Thermalytica: Their aerogel TIISA® stands out as a revolutionary thermal solution, promising significant reductions in heat conduction across various industries.

-          Chiyoda Ute: They make humidity control gypsum boards out of recycled material, such as recycled paper and wood chips, primarily from demolition sites.

Europeans influence

Japanese designers and architects are drawing inspiration from European innovations:

-          Serendix uses 3D printing technology to construct sphere-shaped houses within 24 hours, providing robust shelter solutions in emergencies such as natural disasters. Emu Masuyama, a visionary architect with roots in London, has played a pivotal role in revolutionising digital fabrication technologies to address Japan's vulnerability to natural disasters.

-          Miwa Mori whose German background has inspired a series of passive house constructions. By introducing the concept to Japan, Mori is leading the charge towards energy-efficient residential design, with projects like the passive house development in Kurobe exemplifying the fusion of traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern sustainability principles.

Source: Seredix’s 3D printed house

As Japan marches towards a greener future, these innovative endeavours underscore a collective commitment to combat climate change and pave the way for a more sustainable tomorrow.

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