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ESG tech pitch event- joined as a judge

Yesterday I had a pleasure to join the “#ESG TECH PITCH, #FORESTRY” event as one the judges, met amazing people and learned a lot about problems in the Forestry, as well as ways we can solve them from the different angles.

10 Japanese and international #startups pitched their #innovative solutions ranging from #robotics, #Iot, #genome editing, #AI to save and #biodiversify #forest, track and measure #carbon #neutrality.

If you are interested in their solutions, feel free to reach out to them for partnerships or any kind of collaboration.

You can find the speakers information and their company website here:

Thank you for organizing this series of events CIC Tokyo and U3 Innovations.

Also, a famous Japanese TV personality, actor and comedian Mr. Kato Koji, featured our event and interviewed us for their program.

Will share the program once it is released.

Special thanks to Masaru Nagura Lisa Marine Sumiko Takeuchi Hikari Takahashi

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