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Europe Swiss/Germany Latest Innovation Trends

Next week, Trusted's CEO Fariza Abidova and CTO Michele De Luca are set to return to Japan after a month-long business trip across Europe.

They will share their extensive findings in an upcoming seminar scheduled for October 18th at 13:30 JST, hosted at the CIC Tokyo office and open to all interested parties.

During this trip, they, along with the Business Development Director of Europe of Trusted Corporation, embarked on a comprehensive exploration of innovation ecosystems across various European nations. Their research spanned a multitude of critical topics, including sustainability, energy, and mobility, to name just a few, particularly in Switzerland and Germany.

In the upcoming seminar, Fariza Abidova will share insights, including:

  1. A deep dive into how European companies are innovating and the methodologies that have proven successful for them.

  2. An exploration of the diverse innovation ecosystems present in Europe, juxtaposed against the Japanese landscape, with insights on how to engage with these ecosystems for collaborative solution creation.

  3. A discussion of projects that exhibit synergies, allowing for the testing of new business models and technologies within the European context.

Registration for the seminar is open. We look forward to welcoming attendees to the seminar and feel free to share with anyone interested. See you there soon!


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