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Exploring The Energy Ecosystem of Germany

Our recent journey took us to the vibrant cities of #Hamburg and #Berlin 🇩🇪, where we dug deeper into the world of next-generation #energy ecosystems. We explored the diverse range of stakeholders, ongoing initiatives, governmental strategies for the years ahead, and the collaborative efforts of industry giants and #startups in shaping innovative energy solutions.

During our visit, we learned intriguing experiments aimed at optimizing various forms of energy for applications in #mobility, #logistics, #building heating and cooling systems, and #industrial processes.

Drawing inspiration from our findings, at Trusted, we are committed to offering cutting-edge solutions to our valued clients in #Japan, facilitating their projects in #Europe by harnessing the potential of ecosystems that share strong synergies.

Thank you to Hamburg Invest, EUREF-Campus Berlin, and all the wonderful individuals we had the privilege of meeting during our journey 🚀


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