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Green Hydrogen: A Clean Energy Source Emitting Only Water Vapor

As we continue to pioneer a more sustainable future, industries all over the globe seek to implement renewable energy alternatives within their operations.

From Apollo 11 fuel cells to chemical production, hydrogen energy has been no stranger to innovation since the 1950s. In the wake of the 21st century, a new type of hydrogen energy dubbed “green hydrogen” has begun to propel the sustainable innovation field to new heights. This emerging form of energy production has started to have a significant influence across different sustainability sectors.

This article will provide a brief overview of green hydrogen and explore how industry leaders are using its potential to pave the way for a more sustainable tomorrow.

How does it work?

Green hydrogen is produced through the electrolysis of water. Electrolysis is a process in which a current is used to catalyze an otherwise non-naturally occurring chemical reaction. In this case, electrolysis separates the hydrogen molecules from their oxygen counterpart in our beloved H20. Since hydrogen itself is not a primary energy source, the electrolysis process needs to be powered through different means. When it is fueled by electricity or another sustainable energy source, the resulting hydrogen is dubbed “green”. From the initial water collection process to the final hydrogen result, the only emission of this entire process is pure water vapor.

A Transformative Force in Challenging Industries

According to a study conducted by Polaris Market Research, the global green hydrogen industry was valued at 3.25 billion in 2021. By 2050, they expect total revenue to reach 58.53 billion. Green hydrogen energy particularly shines in industries that are more difficult to electrify. Start-ups and large companies alike have reached breakthroughs in fields like passenger transport, long-haul shipping, and steelmaking.

  • Siemens, a large European energy company, has recently begun testing one of the world's first green hydrogen-powered trains: the Mireo Plus H. Innovation is closer than we think, as full passenger operation for this vehicle is expected to begin in mid-2024.

  • Iberdrola is another large Spanish company that is currently one of the leading investors in green hydrogen technology, spanning 60 projects across 8 countries.

Other notable projects include start-ups like:

  • Uniwastec: which developed a patented electrolysis evaporation technology to generate green hydrogen from waste. They are also able to use seawater to generate clean energy.

  • Unleash Future Boats: a European start-up that focuses on achieving zero-emissions maritime transport through clean hydrogen energy. They are currently developing solutions not just for passengers, but also for transportation of shipping containers.

Sources Left to Right: Siemens, Iberdrola, Uniwastec, Unleash Future Boats

Government Initiatives and Market Potential

The current challenge preventing green hydrogen from gaining more market prevalence compared to non-sustainably produced hydrogen is the cost. Despite this, government institutions all around the world have launched initiatives to facilitate the integration of green hydrogen into the sustainable landscape of the future. In 2020, the European Union launched the EU Strategy on Hydrogen. This initiative began and continues providing support towards green hydrogen projects through the means of investments, legislative measures, and international collaboration.

Empowering the Sustainable Energy Revolution

As the urgency to attain net-zero emissions increases, sustainable energy initiatives continue to play a key role within innovation and the global business context. Europe’s existing sustainability infrastructure is primed for further growth as the economy shifts its focus towards a greener future. With a recent increase in investments, tech knowledge, and encouraging legislative measures, green hydrogen is expected to be a driving force moving forward.

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Author: Leonardo D'Amato


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