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Strengthening Bavarian-Japanese Business Ties

Trusted Corporation's CEO, Fariza Abidova, had the pleasure of joining and co-moderating a panel with Chief Representative, Susanne Schierok for the 35th-anniversary celebration of the State of Bavaria - Japan Office.

The event was held in the charming and historic Meiji Kinenkan venue and provided a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the convergence of Bavarian and Japanese business communities.

Among the panelists were prominent leaders such as Dr. Volker Maier, the CTO Asia Pacific of SchaefflerJapan Co. Ltd, Mr. Kitano Akihiko, Executive Fellow at Toray Industries, Inc., specializing in Advanced Materials and Application, and Mr. Hideo Yamashita, the Managing Director of GBS K.K.

These visionary personalities shared their invaluable experiences in expanding businesses both in Japan and Bavaria, shedding light on their innovative approaches within local ecosystems.

The panelists offered a deep dive into the dynamics of venturing into new markets, emphasizing the significance of adapting to local contexts and collaborating with local networks. Their stories underscored the importance of nurturing innovation within these ecosystems, sparking creativity and paving the way for groundbreaking solutions.

We share the commitment to co-create innovative solutions, foster global collaboration, and accelerate sustainable innovation. We are glad to be playing an instrumental role in advancing Bavarian-Japanese business ties and contributing to the growth of both regions.


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