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Trusted and for Startup co-created one of the sessions FUSE events

Introducing one of the global sessions of #FUSE event that for Startups, Inc. and Trusted Corporation created:

You can check some parts of the contents here.

If you want to access full 40 mins session, register for free here:

Session title:

Going Global: How to partner with global players and expand startup business internationally?


Mr. Stefan Lutz, Head of Technology Office at BMW Group

Mr. Martin von Haller Groenbaek, Co-founder of Nordic Makers – Backing Ambitious Entrepreneurs

Many #startups postpone their decision to #expand their business #globally to a future date, when they feel like they will be ready enough. But when exactly is the right time to do so?

Large global players, like BMW, are constantly looking for #innovative solutions and offering great opportunities to startups worldwide, including Japan to partner with BMW group and co-create innovative solutions.

Moreover, the #Nordics is a natural home for open innovation and an interesting market for Japanese startups and Japanese investors.

Which are the best strategies for Japanese startups to expand their businesses abroad? And what kind of opportunities are there?

Innovation Lab AsiaNordic Innovation House - Tokyo

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