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The Visit of the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan

Strengthening Connections with Ecosystem Members and Co-Creating Solutions for Global Enterprises

Today, we had the honor of hosting a visit from Mr. Nishimura, the Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry of Japan, at our office, in CIC Tokyo.

This provided a valuable opportunity for us and key members of the ecosystem, including startup founders, venture capitalists, community builders, and innovation solution providers, to exchange ideas.

Trusted's CEO, Fariza Abidova, was also invited to share insights from the perspective of a solution provider that connects global enterprises with Japanese and European startups to co-create innovative solutions. During the discussion, she highlighted the recent trends in the industry, showcasing the growing interest of global enterprises in collaborating with Japanese startups for their innovation projects. Additionally, they addressed some of the challenges faced by the Japanese innovation ecosystem, such as the language barrier, limited human resources for executing innovation projects, and the need for specialized clusters and communities to test and co-create solutions in areas like hydrogen, carbon neutrality, healthcare, and more.

The Japanese innovation ecosystem is experiencing rapid growth and evolution. With its strong technological advancements, diverse industries, stable economy, renowned research institutions, and universities, as well as its commitment to continuous improvement (kaizen) and efficiency, Japan offers an excellent environment for innovation.

However, Fariza emphasized the importance of collaborating more closely with global ecosystems to further enhance the company's innovation capabilities. This collaboration will facilitate the exchange of knowledge, best practices, successful innovation methodologies, and concrete projects with Japan.

At Trusted Corporation, we remain dedicated to fostering connections between Japan and Europe, designing and managing projects that promote the co-creation of solutions, and leveraging shared resources and expertise. Contact us to learn more about our activities: we welcome the opportunity to meet for an idea exchange.

You can read the related Sankei News article (JP) by following this link:


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