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Trusted at J-WAVE Jam The Planet Radio: Japan and Internal Innovation

This Tuesday, Trusted CEO Fariza Abidova appeared on the J-WAVE 81.3 FM Jam The Planet radio program. In the segment, she discussed recent business news and developments in Central Asia, as well as internal company innovation trends in Japan.

She specifically discussed how many Japanese companies have internal idea generation programs, which is a promising initiative as employees already understand the market. Despite this, many of these programs struggle to turn ideas into concrete businesses due to lack of proper structure and support. Many simply turn into "educational" experiences for employees. European companies have become much more effective at creating value with this formula, and excel due to well-supported execution.

If you are a company representative that is interested in reinforcing your internal programs, Trusted has created case studies of successful examples that demonstrate how ideas can come to fruition most effectively.

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