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Trusted goes live on Japanese TV

On July 30th's episode of TV Tokyo, the spotlight was cast on Trusted Corporation. The program delved into our company's unique approach to fostering collaboration and driving open innovation, both locally in Japan and on the global stage. You can find the full episode in Japanese here.

Summary in English: Founded in 2016, at Trusted Corporation, we have not only established ourselves as a key player in the Japanese startup ecosystem but have also expanded our headquarter to Switzerland, further enhancing our ability to facilitate cross-border partnerships within the European area. Our company's core mission revolves around aiding startups in transforming their ideas into viable business projects by connecting them with resources, expertise, and support from both large corporations and government entities. Central to Trusted's approach is the creation of a dynamic innovation community where startups can come together to share ideas and collectively advance their innovative initiatives. This ethos aligns seamlessly with the broader vision of the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), where our Tokyo office is located, which champions the cultivation of a thriving startup ecosystem and is also home to large companies, VCs, Government agencies, and more. Fariza Abidova, CEO "When large companies wish to co-create and innovate with third parties, we work with them and become part of their team. Together, we decide the field to work on and define the best processes and KPIs". One of our main focus is on energy-related projects, particularly in the context of sustainability and carbon neutrality. COO Mie Ishibashi, highlighted the growing trend among Japanese companies to transition from the mottainai mindset to a more profound and impactful concept of "true sustainability." This shift reflects an evolving mindset in the business landscape, where companies aim not only to meet sustainable benchmarks but to fundamentally transform industries for the better.

Drawing a comparison between Japanese and European/American companies, Fariza shed light on the differing strengths of each region. While Japanese firms excel in their dedication to perfection and quality, their counterparts across the globe have honed the art of developing robust business models. "When I visited Hokkaido for an interesting startup, I realized I couldn't find any information in English or even Japanese. When I asked "Why don't you try to spread your value?" their answer was that their technology was not in shape yet, and will probably consider doing it once there is a concrete prototype. This attitude of “perfecting everything first” often leads to being left behind within the world competition. Therefore, we tell them that breakthrough ideas and passion are enough, at this point, as there is demand by large European companies, who are willing to provide resources and co-create innovative solutions.

At Trusted, we play a pivotal role in bridging this gap by collaborating with Japanese startups and guiding them toward a more agile and globally competitive approach. We encourage startups to embrace their ideas and passion as valid starting points for collaboration with established European partners. This approach not only accelerates the innovation process but also taps into the resources and expertise that larger corporations can provide.

As Trusted Corporation continues to pioneer innovative collaboration and drive meaningful change, its feature on TV Tokyo serves as a testament to the transformative power of open innovation, cross-border partnerships, and the unwavering spirit of startups in shaping the future of business.

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