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Trusted Top Picks: Start Up Technologies for the Environmentally Conscious Consumer

In the last decade, consumer sustainability has become a hot topic, with businesses racing to tap into this rapidly growing market. As the driving force behind social trends and awareness movements, consumers have a profound impact on the culture of sustainability. In Japan, this shift is particularly noticeable, with 36% of consumers adjusting their purchasing habits to favour more environmentally friendly products. In 2022, the Japanese Government established an initiative which rewards consumers for making more conscious choices while shopping.

Japan, renowned for its ingenuity and high-quality solutions, continues to thrive in the digital age, seamlessly integrating environmental consciousness into its technological advancements. The country is witnessing a surge in innovative products and services designed to simplify eco-friendly choices for consumers. Here, we spotlight several Japanese start-ups that are empowering consumers to make sustainable decisions, paving the way towards a greener future.

The following innovations have been designed for the everyday use of an environmentally conscious consumer:

Nature Remo: Nature is an IoT startup that has developed the Nature Remo, a device designed to help consumers reduce their energy usage at home. This product enables customers to manage, automate, and remotely control their ordinary home appliances, leading to smarter and more efficient energy consumption. Additionally, Nature offers two different versions of their product, which can also manage the energy usage of installed infrastructure like solar panels. The company has collaborated with major platforms such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa, enhancing the product's versatility and integration into smart home ecosystems.

Source: Nature Remo

☆Why have we picked them? ☆

It's a simple device that seamlessly integrates with various modern technologies and devices. The versions designed for solar panel usage cater to the growing demands of environmentally conscious consumers.

MYMIZU: Beyond producing eco-friendly water bottles, MYMIZU has developed an innovative app that helps users locate over 200,000 water stations worldwide where they can safely refill their bottles for free. This not only diminishes plastic waste from production but also cuts down on recycling resources. The app fosters a sense of community by allowing users to add their own refill spots, enhancing interpersonal connections and collective efforts to reduce waste. Additionally, MYMIZU's commitment extends to giving talks, hosting workshops, and raising awareness about plastic waste, making it a leader in environmental advocacy.

Source (1), Source (2): MYMIZU

☆Why have we picked them? ☆

MYMIZU provides a holistic solution to plastic waste. Their offering does not simply consist of producing a water bottle, but also providing a community around promoting sustainability for customers. 

Sustineri: Sustineri, founded in 2021, is a pioneering B2B startup offering software solutions that visualise emissions from products and services, empowering environmentally conscious consumers. Through a strategic partnership with Japan Railway, Sustineri enables users of the JR train system to minimise their carbon footprint by selecting eco-friendly routes. By providing precise emission calculations and predictions across all train systems, Sustineri equips consumers with the tools to make informed transportation choices. Additionally, the company is actively involved in diverse environmental projects across Japan, focusing on vital issues like forestry and biomass fuel, underscoring their dedication to sustainability and innovative environmental solutions.

Source: Sustineri

☆Why have we picked them? ☆

Sustineri advocates for the incorporation of sustainable technology into infrastructure like transportation, pivotal for a greener future. Through partnerships like with JR, their software enhances government infrastructure's environmental consciousness, paving the way for further sustainable tech progress.

As we continue driving towards a more sustainable tomorrow, it is important that businesses continue providing solutions to consumers wanting to be more environmentally conscious. 

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