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Uzbekistan ambassador Mr. Mukhsin Abdurakhmonov visits CIC to discuss innovation of Japan-Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan ambassador Mr. Mukhsin Abdurakhmonov visited us at CIC Tokyo today.

We had a good discussion with the chairman of CIC Mr. Takaaki Umezawa and the General Manager, Mr. Masaru Nagura on the ways we can create a successful startup ecosystem in #Uzbekistan and connect with #Japan to innovate together.

Also we had 10 Uzbek entrepreneurs and business people who work in Japan, join the discussion to get hints and advice from CIC to implement ideas in Uzbekistan in the future.

After the discussion we had a networking session with CIC members while enjoying Uzbek food and sweets.

Thank you everyone for making this event happen!

Trusted Corporation will contribute further to the #innovation of Japan and Uzbekistan with our expertise and network in Europe and the US.

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