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Joined NEDO's ESG event as a judge

Dear Friends,

On march 18th, we held one of the largest #ESG related event at CIC Tokyo with the support of New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

I was one of the judges in the event, and was very impressed with the #technologies and solutions #startups from #Japan and abroad presented.

Happy to see so many great technologies are coming out to solve environmental and social problems from different countries.

As I commented in the event, hopefully governments and large companies implement those ideas and technologies in concrete projects and co create solutions with startups before they run out of cash and their technologies become dormant.

We are Trusted Corporation helping large companies design concrete projects on solving social problems, (carbon neutrality, sustainability, mobility) through open #innovation with startups, but our efforts are only 1 drop in the ocean.

We are planning to collaborate with more solution providers to design more projects in a bigger scale. (Please DM me if you are interested in partnerships with us)

If you are interested, you can read the detailed report about the event here:

Please, feel free to share the post with the people who might be interested in the topic.

Thank you

#energy #sustainability #environmental #technology

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