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Trusted hosted BMW Startup Garage in CIC for potential partners' pitch

BMW Group hosted a #startup pitch event in #mobility with the support of Trusted Corporation and CIC Tokyo connecting their tech offices from around the world.

We had a keynote speech from the Vice President of BMW Technology Office APAC, Ms. Dragana Kostic on the opportunities for #collaboration between Japanese #startups and BMW Group.

We had 5 selected startups, AISing, AI Silk, COUGER, Biomass Resin and FROSFIA pitch their solutions and partnership ideas with BMW.

In the panel discussion, we covered topics on differences between #Japanese and #European (German) startup #ecosystem, unique opportunities Japanese startup ecosystem has compared to other ecosystems, #entrepreneurship mindset, organization change that helps BMW #innovate with startups #globally, ways BMW is involving external and internal collaborators in their innovation #vision and so on.

Stay tuned for the detailed event report.

Thank you everyone who joined the event and helped us host a successful event.


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