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Trusted hosted an event "Japan Startup Ecosystem Career Connect" for startups to expand network

Last Saturday, Trusted hosted "Japan Startup Ecosystem Career Connect" (one of the few startup events in English) at CIC Tokyo organized by Schyler Alexandra Cole from Incubate Fund.

Trusted CEO Fariza joined one of the panel discussions to share her experience and thoughts on how to get started in #Japan, opportunities and challenges for international #entrepreneurs, and ways we can add value to the Japanese #startup #ecosystem.

We also had a keynote speech from Mr. Russell Cummer, the founder of @Paidy (a Japanese startup that recently got acquired by PayPal for $2.7 billion), who shared his experience and advice on building a successful startup business and opportunities in focusing on niche challenges that Japan market has.

Even though the event was held early Saturday morning, more than 120 people applied and joined the event both at CIC and online.

Happy to see that our ecosystem is growing and slowly getting connected with #global startups ecosystem members.

Thank you to everyone who is working hard to create this momentum!


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