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Kobe University visits Trusted and CIC to learn open innovation

Last week we held a presentation day of Kobe University course at Trusted office at CIC Tokyo.

Together with Prof. Hajime Murao, I teach marketing and communication skills necessary for open innovation. The main focus of the course is how to effectively communicate complex technical information in a simple way through visual contents.

To help students gain practical skills, we asked Kobe University professors to cooperate in an #interview, where they share about their #research works, problems the research work solves and potential applications of the #technologies.

More we are working with large companies and universities visualizing their technologies, more we understand that most of the technologies for #SDGs and #innovation already exists, just in a technical text format, which is difficult for business developers or people in different industries understand how to utilize them to solve problems.

We need to visualize and simplify #tech information in order to prevent developing the same technologies in different places and utilize them to accelerate innovation and solve urgent problems.


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